Author: fullmoonloondesigns

Hydrangea Project

I don’t think I had been fusing for long when I started taking more of an interest in flowers and nature-inspired pieces. I kept envisioning making blue Hydrangeas out of glass, and wanted something very dimensional. I knew it would most likely need to be cold-fused (using epoxy or silicone) to retain the dimension I […]

Moraea Tulbaghensis (Peacock Iris)

This project was a true labor of love. It started with a friend posting a photo of this beautiful flower, the Moraea Tulbagensis, or Peacock Iris and said something like “you should do this in glass…” Well, challenge accepted! I started with just clear sheet glass (96 COE) and used glass powders and enamels to […]

Reactions in Glass

Reactions in glass can be very interesting when planned but if you didn’t know the potential reactiveness when setting up your design, the results can be disappointing. For example, did you ever try layering yellow and blue thinking you would get green, only to find instead you ended up with something resembling mud? This is the […]